$333.00 USD

EARLY BIRD PRICING ReVive Day Retreat 9 am - 9 pm Saturday April 29th 2023


You are invited to join us for a day-long retreat to connect minds and hearts through innovative conversations and wellness workshops supporting both your business and your health! Take this time to build relationships with others while you nourish yourself by sharing delicious organic vegetarian meals and receiving highly-skilled bodywork, as well as rejuvenating movement practices, including yoga, breathwork, and ecstatic dance. We’ll also be nourishing our minds through talk story, connective relating, Neurolinguistic Programming, Family Constellations for Money, and Psychosomatic Healing techniques for regulating your nervous system and clearing out blocks that are holding you back from creating the life you want. This day allows you to go deep within, expand your network, and ReVive your entrepreneurial spirit. 

And if that isn't enough!!... Once you sign up, you will receive a schedule to book private sessions for a lomi lomi massage, an astrology reading for money, a private Neurolinguistic Programming session, or a private Somatic (Energy Body) Healing session (priced individually with a 50% retreat discount on regular value!) 

We've got you covered :)

With Love,

The ReVive Team