$222.00 USD

Sensual Self-Love Foreplay

This is where your embodied self-love journey begins!

Get the somatic movement ritual I don't go a day without PLUS two other juicy movement sessions PLUS the full Somatic Surrender & MANifestation Guide PLUS all four Masterclasses that will kickstart your feminine embodiment journey.

You'll learn the basics of body connection, movement exploration, somatic visualization, and pelvic bowl activation. If you are new to this work or struggle with mobility - PLEASE begin here!

And when you're ready for more, apply your discount to the full Sensual Self-Love immersion!

What's inside this bundle:

  • The 4 Types of Sensuality
  • BTSM: Daily Hip & Spine Activation Practice
  • Sensual Mobility for Tight Hips
  • Sensual Stretching Post-Workout
  • The Somatic Surrender & MANifestation Guide
  • Moving Emotion Somatic Practice Masterclass
  • Mary Magdalene Womb Healing Masterclass
  • Egyptian Goddess Amrita Activation Masterclass
  • Hip Mobility for Sex Masterclass

If you were to buy the Masterclasses individually, that would cost you $176! This means you're getting a bundle valued at $398 for only $222 because I know those investing in this are here for the full embodiment awakening.

Enjoy moving with me here, and I hope to see you in the 8-week Sensual Self-Love immersion!