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Mary Magdalene Womb Healing

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An exquisite, gentle practice of entering the womb space and healing with somatic movement and guided visualization, supported by Mary Magdalene. It's not religious in nature - it's playing with divine feminine energy. What she uniquely offers comes from her own story: she alchemized the pain of sexual abuse into the medicine of sainthood. Who better to understand and support an energetic womb clearing! 
This 60-minute transmission and practice is a safe place to start with this type of work when you're feeling the call to energetically heal your womb/cervix/yoni (vagina).
What you may feel after this session is: a regulated nervous system, an emotional release, a physical release, a connection to your divine feminine, support from divine feminine guides, powerful in your healing abilities! 
This is for women who have experienced physical or emotional trauma in their pelvic bowl area, such as an IUD removal, non-consensual penetration, abortion, miscarriage, birth, cysts, surgery, etc. OR simply want to begin a more connected, loving, intentional relationship with their body!

What People Are Saying:

Kate embodies the same magic she shares. I experienced immediate and ongoing energetic and physical shifts within one session.


Kate's experience and very comprehensive training facilitate a shortcut to really incredible rapid progress.


Kate is a profoundly powerful healer. In under an hour, I was able to move and release so many unprocessed emotions that were held in my body. I am so grateful for Kate holding the space and facilitating the healing.

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