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The way you choose to start your day makes all the difference in how successful you will be!


Wake up and align your mind + body energetically by being PLAYFUL + INTIMATE. That vibration, attunement, and magnetism ripples out and creates magical opportunities for you.

Here's What You Can Expect

  • Your work gets done with enthusiasm!
  • You get more creative inspiration!
  • Your partner can’t wait to get home to you!
  • Your friends, colleagues, + clients feel your radiance!
  • Your workout feels extra energizing + juicy!
  • You can’t help but say kind, motivating things to yourself all day because you started it off with Love + devotion to you and your body :)
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Client Testimonials

"Kate’s nurturing and encouraging guidance, and masterful choreography throughout the program helped me reconnect deeply with myself, my body and rekindled my love for dance."

- Carina

"I could not recommend working with Kate enough! Not only is she inspiring in the way that she moves, but she’s also an incredible teacher. Kate tailors her classes to all levels of abilities, making them super accessible and fun."

- Jocelyn

“Kate embodies the same magic she shares. I experienced immediate and ongoing energetic and physical shifts within one session.”

- Erin

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