Use somatic movement to turn "in tension" to


What if I told you...


The root cause of your anxiety, rage, shame, depression, jealousy, and fear is unprocessed emotions,


these emotions could be recent or even from childhood,


hip mobility is vital to activating your system's ability to self-heal because chances are, your tight hips are telling you more than just needing to stretch,


and moving your body is the key to processing, regulating, and releasing so that you can feel the fullness of your joy, focus, balance, connection... you name it.


Imagine who you would be without these heavy feelings...


Let me show you how... Drop in via Zoom at 5pm PST on the first Wednesday of the month! The replay will be available right after if you can’t make it live.

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Emotions are energetic frequencies held in your body that you can regulate and heal by moving them through and clearing them out of your body with...


Somatic Movement + Cathartic Release

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What people are saying about Moving Emotion...

I'm ready to MOVE my emotion.

has challenged me to go deeply into my pain and pleasure. There was no longer a choice; I had to find myself by moving my emotions.  


Releasing grief and trauma is a creative process. Moving Emotion is an intentional time of devotion to processing feelings and repurposing them into your healing formula. I began to heal as I channeled my pain into creative expression through movement.


The body's evolutionary wisdom craves movement, so by learning how to move energy through your body, you are working with the highest intelligence of your body, giving you accelerated healing results.