UnEarthing the Future Feminine 

A non-dual approach to grief and sensuality through embodied mysticism

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here, we are pioneering a higher order of nondual embodiment between Spirit and Soma (the body) in a way I call "embodied mysticism." I offer a unique, therapeutic approach to guiding you into the power of your sensorial consciousness and relationship with enspirited matter, aka your ability to embody the bridge between the form and formless. In doing so, you evolve your sensorial consciousness using your body's senses and movement as your intuitive channel. With grace and grit, you can expect to learn how to move energy through your body and immerse your cells and soul in alchemical rhythms to become an empowered self-healer while futuring an evolved feminine embodiment.

As a Sensorial Mystic and Somatic Movement Facilitator with a Master's in Leadership Studies and academic education in Psychosomatic Dance/Movement Therapy, my artistry is creating trust and pleasure in the body so you feel safe to process difficult memories and heavy emotions that have become stuck and block you from creating the life you desire. It's time for you to get to know who you really are. Through this transformative kinetic body activation, you cultivate intimate relationships with the elements, divine guides, and loved ones who've passed on, as well as deepen healthy relationships with those surrounding you. It is my pleasure to introduce you to a more personalized, creative healing and evolution formula. 


Sensual Movement Therapy (Live Group Class)


The class that changes lives - drop in on Wednesdays to move with us!

~Included in SSL 8-week immersion~


Sensual Self-Love Foreplay (Instant Access)


A bundle of easeful mobility exercises to start connecting to your body with love today!

~Apply it towards the SSL 8-week immersion for your $222 discount~


An 8-week online immersion for women excited to learn an embodied, therapeutic approach to self-love by creating trust and safety in their bodies. Are you ready for healing to be fun?


1:1 Therapeutic Mentorship 

For the woman who is ready to feel something deeper

This intimate virtual and/or in-person container is for you if you are open and eager to create a reality you LOVE! And trust me, I know how hard that can be. If you enter into this journey with me, you will learn how to truly turn pain into power, embody the range of your sacred feminine and integrate all the complex and epic parts of yourself, remove your sticky psychosomatic blockages, rewire challenging thoughts and behavioral patterns, and strengthen your spiritual channel to a level you never knew was possible. Limited spots are available, so please schedule a discovery call. I can't wait to connect with you, love!


Calm Heart


Become part of a modern spiritual-somatic approach to grieving as we make meaning of heartbreak. If your loved one has died or you are preparing for their death, you are invited to join this private support program, which includes weekly online group sessions and an intimate virtual community. 




These are must-haves in your library whether you join me live or not! Get these 60-minute spiritual-somatic recorded classes to begin your journey into evolving sensorial consciousness and letting healing be fun. 


Global Retreats for Women

I have a very specific mission: create the best retreats on the planet. Why? Because in-person, co-creative healing is the foundation of loving our human experience. My retreats are unique, highly curated intensives for women deep in their evolutionary process and ready to bring their embodiment to the next level. 


Women who've gone to the depths with me...

"Kate was in tune with my body and mind, and her gentle guidance took me to places I had never ventured before - emotionally speaking and allowed me a safe space to release these emotions - verbally and nonverbally. At the point of catharsis, it felt like she was right there with me, holding me from the edge of a cliff but also ready to fall with me if I decided that’s the route I wanted to take.


"I rarely feel like I have a container that can hold the depth of my emotion and fullness of my expression- and yet with Kate, it seemed like something she could hold so effortlessly as if she’s spent lifetimes exercising this role. Working with Kate, you will feel held simultaneously by the energies of sister, mother, ally, and custodian of deep wisdom. Kate holds a safe, compassionate, non-judgmental space with FULL permission to touch and explore places long held in the subterranean depths of the body. But be warned, you will not be the same after working with her…she facilitates escalated evolution.


"Kate’s sessions are transformational and I felt safe to deep dive into the experience of her combined energy work, bodywork, and psychosomatic healing. I cleared a block that left me feeling a deeper compassion towards myself and a pathway to my feminine intuition on healing and being in my fullest expression as a woman. I know that doing this work helps me to serve others in a greater capacity.


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