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I'm Kate, and I offer a unique, therapeutic experience by guiding you to move energy through your body to become an empowered self-healer. As an Embodiment Maven and Somatic Movement Facilitator, my artistry is creating trust and pleasure in the body through my methodology, Kinetic Body Alchemy, so the body feels safe to process difficult memories and heavy emotions that have become stuck and block you from creating the life you desire. By clearing the energy body, we naturally magnetize what we want. 
My work is grounded in a Master's in Leadership Studies, graduate-level Psychosomatic Dance/Movement Therapy education, over a decade of Buddhist study, twenty-seven years of dance training, and what I like to call the lived wisdom of alchemizing pain into service.
I'm based on O'ahu, Hawai'i, and have several options for welcoming you to work with me here in person!
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“Soma” is the ancient Greek word for “body.” Somatic practice has become a popular therapeutic modality because it uses the wisdom of both the body and the mind, whereas Western Psychology has mainly only worked with the mind. That’s typically what comes up when you think of “therapy.” However, imagine having a conversation with your thoughts AND your body through exploring physical sensations and movement.


My philosophy of "Somatic Untangling" uses the Buddhist concept that each person is inherently whole, but we can't always access it because of traumatic experiences we've had. Our life's journey is about working to untangle the false narratives wired into our minds and traumas stored in our bodies so that we get to feel genuinely happy in every possible way. I've figured out a healing formula for this and I want to share it with you.


Even if you do not resonate with Buddhist philosophy, this work is grounded in the science of how our brain and body absorb information and developmentally wire perceptions and reactions.


By using Somatic Untangling, we are exploring through the body's language of sensation so you can untangle what's blocking you from feeling good. Working with me, you'll discover the unshakeable joy that waits for you at the core of your being.


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