Create Trust & Safety in your body through somatic movement

Hi Love, I have a secret to share with you... it's about how to accelerate your healing. We all want to feel better as quickly as possible right?! But with something that is going to LAST. No quick fixes here.

You're about to learn how to move into embodied power, trust, and magnetism with Sensual Self Love.

I teach you my uniquely life-changing practices of non-sexual sensuality through guided therapeutic movement, playful dance, and spiritual visualization journeys.









This is the Teaser Package. In the Foreplay experience you get the foundational practices to start exploring your body's wisdom.  

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If you like to be held in sisterhood accountability, you want to be in here. You get ALL the pre-recorded content AND live group calls. 

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The most intimate journey of all. You're ready for full access to the content, the sisterhood, AND 1:1 deep dive sessions with me. 

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Sensual Self Love - Foreplay (COMING SOON!)


If you want to upgrade in the future this will be discounted off of the Sensual Self Love - Group or Sensual Self Love - One on One pricing. 

In this package, you'll receive

Essence Practice:
The somatic movement ritual I don't go a day without. You'll learn the basics of body connection, movement exploration, somatic visualization, and pelvic bowl activation. 


My Signature Practice BTSM ;) 
Breath, Touch, Sound, Movement 
PLUS bonuses such as
  • Post-Workout Sensual Stretching 

  • Sensual Mobility Practice
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Sensual Self Love's 4-month group journey takes you through vibrant, exploratory movement for the beginner and advanced: 


With expressive dancing, educational talks, deep hip and pelvic floor opening, tender self-touch, intimate mirror work, and creative somatic meditations. 

Non-sexual sensuality allows for accelerated healing because you quickly change the way you relate to yourself by connecting to pleasurable energy available no matter what you're going through in your life.



Click play for a taste of how I guide you through movement sessions ...


Are you ready for healing to be fun?


Sensual Self Love - Group Experience (COMING SOON!)


or $600/mo for 4 months

In this program, you'll receive

Foreplay plus an additional 12+ hours of recorded in-depth educational videos:
  • 8 potent themes: 30-min talks + 30-min movement sessions

  • 2 extra movement practices: Floor Rolling + Bed Bouncing

  • 2 choreographed dance workouts: low + high cardio

  • 12 guided visualizations: on-the-spot interventions + intimate journeys

  • PLUS 8 biweekly 90-minute Zoom calls for accountability and community practice

  • And a private Facebook group for sharing and connecting in between calls
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This program uniquely combines dance + meditation!

Feel your unshakeable strength

These are special tools that soothe and empower
 when you're stuck in those painful moments:

the thoughts that say "I'm not enough"

the body reactions that close you

I’m guiding you to remove what is blocking you from feeling confident, excited, and receptive. You will move, sweat, cry, laugh, yell, sing... all for yourself in front of your mirror!

The mirror is the game-changer you've been looking for!


Sensual Self Love - One on One Experience (COMING SOON!)


$1200/month for 4 months

In this program, you'll receive everything that's included in...

  • Foreplay

  • Sensual Self Love - Group experience 
  • 8, one on one, hour long calls with Kate to have even more support to integrate the practices and heal everything from the inside out. I've been in groups containers where I was disappointed that there wasn't an option for 1:1's with the person I wanted to work with so I want you to know that I am fully available to you for that!
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The 8 progressive themes on your journey:

  • Expression + Confidence
  • Trust + Safety
  • Strength + Discipline
  • Creation + Manifestation
  • Power + Polarity Integration
  • Grief + Rage
  • Surrender + Acceptance
  • Receiving


Visualization is just as important in your ecstatic opening, 

I've created some exceptional meditations for you:

  • Moving Awake
  • Anxiety Spiral
  • Anger to Peace
  • Soothing the Critic
  • Self-Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Healing Light
  • Moving Grief
  • Meeting Your Higher Self

+ 3 sensually guided ones:

  • Receiving Self (becoming your own best lover)
  • Healing Wounds + Receiving the Masculine (male narrator)
  • Receiving Spirit (the practice that inspired Sensual Self Love)

Listen to what Annie has to say about SSL and mirror work!


“I was blown away at how transformative it felt. It's powerfully therapeutic. No one could teach this course other than Kate; it’s truly an offering of her incredible and unique talent.” -Annie

What other students are saying about Sensual Self Love...

It's time to explore the depth of your sensuality!

I am very invested in your personal experience and want to support you throughout this journey.

In order for me to do so, please provide proof of your female identity through social media usernames and/or a website where I can learn more about you!


Once you are approved for the program, you will receive an email from me with the link to slip into this luscious container.

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