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Sensual Self Love

Learn uniquely life-changing practices through guided sensual and therapeutic movement, playful dance, and deep visualization journeys.

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UnSexy Sensuality

Creatively transform your unsexy moments of chaos into deeply sensual healing experiences in this 8-week online group journey for women! 

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1:1 Sessions 

1:1 guidance is your portal to personalized healing. This is for those who want weekly support including 80-minute sessions and text/voice note communication in between calls. 

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The Somatic Surrender & MANifestation Guide

Includes how to embody the feminine surrender instead of defensive collapse, followed by a deeply intimate, pleasurable journey that will have you crying tears of joy.

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Moving Emotion

Moving Emotion is a live, 60-minute guided somatic movement group session where you learn how to process your heavy or stuck feelings with movement and meditation.

Join us on the first Wednesday of every month at 5pm PST via Zoom!

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Calm Heart 

Calm Heart combines powerful psychosomatic tools for nervous system regulation and emotional processing to provide you with sacred support while grieving death so that you come out on the other side even closer to love.

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Mary Magdalene Womb Healing

An exquisite, gentle practice of entering the womb space and healing with somatic movement and guided visualization, supported by Mary Magdalene. This 60-minute transmission is a safe place to start exploring emotions/trauma held in your female body.

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With a Master's in Leadership Studies and Academic Training in Psychosomatic Dance/Movement Therapy,

I offer you the most potent healing I know:

Movement + Meditation

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Yoni Crystals
Rhythm Rose

We partnered with Yoni Crystals to bring you these precious stones, rare in nature and carefully selected for their energetic healing qualities. Their crystals are safe for internal use, sustainably sourced, hand-carved, polished and blessed to ensure the best for you and your yoni.

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